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PMI’s  Government Systems Division has been specifically developed to coordinate the activity between our Government clients and our operational environment.

We offer programs and services to support the functions associated with the acquisition of scanning and microfilm equipment, back file programs for the conversion of existing documents to either micrographic images or digital format, development of records retention schedules or the establishment of disaster recovery systems.

Our Government Specialists have hands on experience and knowledge of the specific and unique Records Management reporting mandates associated with the Federal, State and Local levels of Government. Our personnel can support you with meeting the directives of HIPAA, and OPRA

PMI Technologies specializes in Medical office productivity and efficiency. We offer products and services that can decrease labor costs by as much as 30% to 50%.

We have found from our experience that health organizations like yours deal with massive amounts of paper-based documentation, such as patient medical histories, claim forms, etc. for which our products and services can help you to manage, track, store, digitize and microfilm your patient records.

Here are a few questions about your office to identify whether we can help you save money:

1.) Do you presently use color-coding to identify your patient charts? Are they individual labels for each letter/number?

2.) Is your organization looking for solutions to comply with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act 


3.) Does your organization use faxes to communicate with outside concerns (labs, doctors, patients, etc.)?

4.) Does your organization have a plan for the security and confidentiality of electronic health information?

5.) Are your paper documents secure from unauthorized access?

6.) Are you transporting patient records?

a. Between departments?

b. Between other healthcare institutions/providers?

c. Between your location and insurance locations?

7.) What is your daily volume of newly created forms and patient records?


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PMI’s Financial Specialists have many years of banking industry experience. Our specialist are able to assist and provide you with a multitude of solutions to help improve the banking experience, including Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), Check 21, and more. Here are just some of the benefits of these solutions:

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Benefits to the Customer…..

- minimal investment in technology- reduced fees

- faster investment of available funds- faster access to information

- improved processing of month/quarter end- improved cash flow

- greater employee productivity             - later deposit cutoff times

- reduced deposit preparation time- reduced return item (NSF) risk

Benefits to the Bank…..

- improved customer relations              - expanded geographical market

- improved customer retention              - accelerated clearings

- reduced courier fees and transportation costs- consolidation of banking relationships

- reduced inconvenience

- limited handling of deposit items

Check 21

Benefits to You…..

- Detects Fraud Faster – since check clearing is faster, fraud can be detected and investigated sooner

   which brings about a quicker resolution.

- Faster Check Clearing – you get a more accurate picture of your account balance.

- Quicker Response – check images can be accessed faster to resolve questions.

- More Secure Check Information – checks do not have to be physically transported via truck, train or