PMI Technologies is a full service, one-stop Document Management company. We can assist you with all aspects of your Document Life Cycle: From Creation To Destruction, And Everything In Between.

Your Document Management Company

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Document Scanners

Thinking about converting your documents to digital images for ease of retrieval, greater productivity, smooth processing and disaster recovery?

Talk to us about the multitude of options available to you depending on your office’s needs and budget.



Software Solutions

We offer a wide range of imaging, file tracking and remittance processing software to meet the needs of any office environment. Whether the system is a one-user standalone system or an enterprise wide system with hundreds of users, PMI Technologies has a software application available.  We are re-sellers for industry leaders, such as  Digitech Systems,
FileTrail, Canon, C & A, Aquarius, Aquarcy and more.

Document Scanning Services

PMI Technologies has the staff, equipment and expertise to assist your office with any on-site or off-site project,

including: paper to digital, paper to film, film to digital or whatever your office needs.

Our Conversion Services Department can convert documents of almost any shape and size. Give us standard file box  or file cabinet of your paper documents and we will give you back a searchable CD or DVD containing all your images.   


PMI can also help you with all your  micrographics needs. Whether you’re in need of a microfiche / film camera, reader, printer or scanner, we have a variety of choices for you.

No Need to Buy Software (Remote Access)

If you’re able to surf the internet, then you can have a tracking or imaging system. PMI offers remote access software for file tracking and image retrieval without the need to ever buy software or hardware. Keep track of up to 20,000 files, or store and retrieve an unlimited number of images for a low monthly fee.

Technical Support

PMI has the most highly trained and experienced staff to serve you. Many of our equipment technicians has more than 15 years of field experience. Our sales, software and conversion associates have been CDIA, CRM and software trained to go along with their more than a dozen years of document management experience.